Bulldog’s legal support services include:

Service of Process
Processes served include: subpoenas, summons and complaint, order to show cause, writs, citations, motions, non-payment and eviction notices, etc. These processes may be associated with any of the following legal actions: personal injury, foreclosure, collection, matrimony, family court , contracts, and beyond. Most processes are served via documented personal delivery, though some are handled electronically. …Find Out More

Court Filing
Court filings serve the very important function of initiating legal proceedings.  They involve document submission to the clerk of a court for the court’s immediate review and to serve as part of the official record. …Find Out More

Additional Services provided by Bulldog include:

  • Electronic filing
  • Personal Delivery
  • GPS Tracking
  • Photo Logs
  • File management and integration with outside software platforms
  • Import/Export Functionality

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Reliable Service

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Efficient Filing

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